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*Indicates Deceased

Sharon Freeman-1975-1976
Anita Baccus-1976-1977
Quinta Martin-1977-1979
Elease Jolley-1979-1981
Olivia Brown-1981-1982
Lueatrice Green-1982-1983
Sharon Smith-1983-1985
Shelvy Bowers-1985-1986
Mary Jordan-1986-1987
Elease Jolley-1987-1990
Denise Cox-1990-1992
Paulette Allen-1992-1993

Peggy Earnest 1994-1996
Mary B. Conner-
Deborah Bright Johnson*-1999-2000
Janice Woodard-2001-2002
Cleatrice C. McTorry-2003-2004
Pamela Bright-2005-2008
Treva Young Smith-2009-2010
Teresa Campbell-2011-2012
Charlotte Anderson-2013-2014
Laurel A. Howell-2015-2016
Sylvia Sloss Romine-2017-2018
Deidre Harris-Woods-2019-2022

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